Free Google SEO Tips and Tutorials: Hidden Google Goodies

Google produces some amazing free SEO resources. (Class materials at But they’re hidden! In this video, Jason McDonald identifies some amazing, cool, free Google goodies such as Google Takeout, amazing Google help files, and even Google alerts that will help you be a better Internet marketer. This is just a taste of the amazing, free but hidden resources by Google about Google.


Meet linkbird, your All-in-One SEO management tool!

SEO managers are all to familiar with the challenge – every workflow step in link building asks for extra tools as well as countless Excel tables. This is time-consuming, inefficient and often very chaotic.

Wouldn’t it be great then, if there was ONE tool for everything?
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linkbird frees you and your team from having to work with Excel spreadsheets and combines for the first time all workflows, processes and results in one perfectly tailored tool – made for YOU, made for SEO managers!

Sounds good! But how does linkbird actually work? Learn about it in this short video!

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SEO tutorial – 03 – Using Keyword Research Tool.mp4

Keyword are the most important factor in SEO. This video will show you
how you can use the free google keyword tool to search for you competitore keywords,
download them and use them for optimizing your website

Downloading the Exercise Files

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