Blog SEO Tutorial 4 – Keyword Density, Meta Description, and Header Text

Blog SEO Tutorial 4 – Keyword Density, Meta Description, and Header Text

When trying to optimize your blog seo, you want to focus on keyword density. Keyword density is how often your keywords appear in the content of you blog post, and generally you want a range between 2.5%-6.0%. If you have more than 6% Google and other search engines will think something sketchy is going on and you may get flagged.

You will also want to focus on the Meta Description of your blog post, because that is what will be shown in the search engine and it will give the searcher a good idea of what your post is about before going to your site. You want to make sure you have your keywords and keyword phrases listed within your meta description as much as you can.

Lastly in this blog seo tutorial, you will learn about header text, and how header text is important in upping your ranks in a search engine. Again, you want to throw your keywords in the header text (or your h2 tags). You might even want to have a few h3 tags that include your keywords as well.

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SEO Video Training – Teil 6 (2) – OnPage Optimierung (kostenloser Kurs bzw. Tutorial)

Im SEO Video Training (kostenloser Kurs bzw. Tutorial) erhalten Webmaster Informationen zur Suchmaschinenoptimierung.

In Teil 6(2) geht es um die OnPAge Optimierung Ihre Internetseite.

Das SEO Video Training richtet sich an Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene. In dem Workshop erhalten Tipps, Tricks und Tools mit denen Sie eine Internetseite für Suchmaschinen optimieren. Highlights sind nicht nur der Aufbau von Link Netzwerken, sondern auch professionelle Tools zur Suchmaschinenoptimierung.

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Full Magic Submitter Tutorial End to End Part 1 – Extended Preview

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Magic Submitter Tutorial Full Vid:
Watch over-the-shoulder as I take you through setting up an entire campaign for Magic Submitter. Throughout the video, I talk best practices, theory and what not to do. I hope you find this Magic Submitter tutorial helpful. To see the full video (its over an hour long) visit my website @


How to Setup & Configure WooCommerce – Tutorial by God of SEO

This tutorial is part of the eCommerce Guide by Charles Floate –
In this tutorial, I’ll be going over How to Install, Setup and Configure WooCommerce to create a kick ass eCommerce store in quite literally minutes!
As part of my “Godlike Guide to eCommerce” Series, you’ll learn Exactly how to Setup and Configure the WooCommerce Plugin straight from a standard WordPress Installation.


How to get Google search (SEO) traffic: SEO tutorial for 2014 and 2015

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This video is a tutorial on how to get traffic from Google via search engine optimization (SEO). SEO has been around for a long time, but there is still quite a bit of confusion about it. And small business owners are typically behind in understanding how to get google traffic to a website. As a result, they wither do not get enough Google traffic to their site, or are stuck paying a lot of money to some agencies who do a so-so job most of the time.

So in this video I explain the fundamentals of SEO. The fundamentals every small business owner needs to know to get Google traffic are the importance of inbound links and how to get those links, the importance of targeting keywords and keyword research, and what it means to create a high quality page or a site. Additionally, I explain how to count Google search traffic since it usually brings you traffic daily, and over a long period of time. And lastly I explain the concepts of timing and intent when when it comes to getting google search traffic and why those website visitors are some of the best possible leads for your business.

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Keep in mind that it is not easy or simple to get google search (SEO) traffic, especially in large volumes. But if you follow the suggestions in this video, you should be able to get started and seeing google search traffic in your Analytics software. Additionally, most of the time, it takes a long time before you see significant traffic coming from Google search (SEO). Usually it takes a number of months or sometimes even over a year before you get good SEO results.

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Meta Description Tag – ClickMinded SEO Training Video Tutorials

An SEO tutorial on why the meta description tag is an important, and seemingly invisible, part of your SEO strategy. While it’s generally believed that meta descriptions do not affect your rankings, they can be the determining factor in whether or not users will click-through to your site. This video tutorial is a segment of the ClickMinded online SEO training course.

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