If you’re serious about link building and SEO, use these 2 tools. LINK EMPEROR and PENNY BACKLINKS –
I updated this video in 2014, so it’s relevant.

Video SEO is huge– Learn how to rank videos on Youtube and Google with these Video SEO tricks taught in this cutting-edge SEO Video. This video is the best SEO training video on video SEO and Youtube SEO.
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For keyword research, use the Google Keyword Tool…

SEO link building is vital for ranking on Google, and back links=80% of SEO. To find the best high PR backlinks, find your biggest competitors and steal their backlinks–you can do this by checking out open site explorer at This site will allow you to analyze your competition and see what backlinks they have. Then you can get all the same backlinks that they have and a few more–and you can out rank them–if you also have good content on your site. I also recommend using Voltrank for backlinks.

But many Youtube videos rank in Google since 30% of Google’s indexes are Youtube videos anyway–and Google owns Youtube–so it makes sense. Youtube has much less competition and videos get way more views and have been increasing in overall views for years now. That’s why it’s important to know Youtube SEO so you can rank your videos on Google and Youtube.

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