How to use Google Webmaster Tools for SEO purposes introduces ways of using Google Webmaster Tools for gaining more insights from verified websites.

Using the webmaster tools by Google search engine is only smart for all website owners because it can inform you of any issues Google crawler may be having with your site. Furthermore, this tool also has sections where you can set your preferred domain version (www or non-www version) or you can also define a geo-location for targeting certain demographics. To learn more about using webmaster tools visit:

And most important use of Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is the HTML improvements section where Google can give you an overview of the technical issues your website may be facing according to Google Webmaster Guidelines. To learn more about adding your website to Google visit:

We have taken our time to make this video tutorial available for your understanding and knowledge of Google and as a result operate a better website and profitable online business from your website. We would much appreciate it if you shared this video on your social profiles so that other webmasters looking for information on how to use GWT for SEO can also benefit from these lessons, the share URL is:

Now that you are aware of the importance of using this tool, I encourage you to create an Google Webmaster tools account and add your site and XML sitemap so that Google can crawl, index and also give you more useful insights regarding your website. There are also video tutorials that show you how to change the custom crawl rate and increase or slow down the rate of HTTP requests Google’s user-agents makes to your website simply visit:

Another important aspect of managing successful website is being able to utilize search giants like Google, and therefore, ranking highly competitive keywords can be achieved by understanding the importance of backlinks. To learn more about getting backlink to your website visit:

This video tutorial session has been created for the benefit of website owners by rankyaseoservices YouTube channel located at:
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