I’ve taken a deeper look at the Keyword Eye SEO tool and given my thoughts on what it has to offer, as well as talking you through how to use it.

Keyword Eye offers a few different options related to various aspects of keyword research and competitive analysis, including:

– A keyword suggestion tool to find new keyword opportunities.
– The ability to create tag clouds full of keyword opportunities and other data visualisations that help you easily identify targets.
– Awesome competitive ‘domain ranking’ searches that show you the keyword rankings of your competitors, along with search volumes and more.
– Anchor text reports (using Ahrefs data) that highlight anchor text used for external links to any given domain.
– ‘Question Finder’ that gathers keyword phrases related to specific questions that are searched for frequently – great for blogs and forums.
– Links up to your Google Analytics to find existing keyword opportunities that were right on your door-step.

For more information you can check out the Keyword Tool website (

We’re also giving away a free year’s license for the software on the blog so make sure you enter at

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