Blog SEO Tutorial 4 – Keyword Density, Meta Description, and Header Text

When trying to optimize your blog seo, you want to focus on keyword density. Keyword density is how often your keywords appear in the content of you blog post, and generally you want a range between 2.5%-6.0%. If you have more than 6% Google and other search engines will think something sketchy is going on and you may get flagged.

You will also want to focus on the Meta Description of your blog post, because that is what will be shown in the search engine and it will give the searcher a good idea of what your post is about before going to your site. You want to make sure you have your keywords and keyword phrases listed within your meta description as much as you can.

Lastly in this blog seo tutorial, you will learn about header text, and how header text is important in upping your ranks in a search engine. Again, you want to throw your keywords in the header text (or your h2 tags). You might even want to have a few h3 tags that include your keywords as well.

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